Runway expansion update

The runway was closed at 7.00 am on Monday June 18th

Week Four Progress (July 15th)


A continuation of grading and basin creation of the Runway 5 approach end, which is considered to be the critical path of the project due to the amount of soil to be moved.

  • The installation of erosion control around the runway area is completed.
  • Runway pavement demolition is completed
  • Runway 23 approach retaining wall (requires a 4-foot fence to be installed) is completed.
  • The millings installed for roadway to the MALSR lighting system on runway 5 end is completed.
  • Installation of Electrical runway lighting to begin this week.
  • Finishing the undercut of the runway pavement.
  • Possibly more runway demolition on the runway 23 end after integrity test on remaining asphalt undercut.
  • Planning to begin installing a sub base and rock base for new runway integrity.

As of the Bi-monthly construction coordination meeting on Thursday July 12th, we are still on schedule to reopen on August 23rd.

Attached are some photos taken on Friday June 13th at 10.30 am of the work being done.