View Global Aircraft Traffic & More in ForeFlight’s May Release

ForeFlight, A Boeing Company

Internet Traffic via FlightAware

Stream airborne and ground traffic in real time to inform your flight planning and more.


Check active arrivals and runways, see how ATC vectors around weather, or simply enjoy the view of live traffic anywhere.

ForeFlight, in partnership with FlightAware, is now providing live global traffic streaming for all customers with the Internet Traffic feature. Integrated with the same Traffic map layer used for ADS-B devices, Internet Traffic is available any time you have an internet connection and are on the ground, as well as when connected to inflight Wi-Fi networks from Gogo or Satcom Direct. View call sign, altitude, and more detailed information for any airborne traffic target, and zoom into an airport to see ground traffic at thousands of locations worldwide.

ForeFlight’s May release also includes major design enhancements on both iPad and iPhone, support for Multitasking on iPad, aircraft type restrictions in Procedure Advisor, and more.

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