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FAA Safety Team: Safety and Self Reporting

Safety and Self Reporting
Notice Number: NOTC0156

Safety and Self Reporting

The FAA is working with the GA community to monitor COVID-related ASRS reports to better understand the challenges facing the industry. We need your help in identifying safety challenges related to COVID-19 and encourage you to submit your concerns using your existing safety reporting program or confidentially to the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) (

The ASRS is one tool that is helping multiple successful safety initiatives, such as the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee ( and the General Aviation Issue Analysis Team, to identify safety trends within the National Airspace System. Please note that all ASRS reports are de-identified before being made available to the public or shared with the FAA.

Since 1976 ASRS has been an important facet in the aviation world.  The safety information gleaned from the voluntarily submitted safety reports (aka NASA reports) has been an invaluable tool for government and industry stakeholders in identifying and mitigating safety risk.

The COVID-19 public health emergency has resulted in recent changes throughout the aviation system. If you believe that the public health emergency or any aspect of the response had an effect on you or your operation or any other aspect of aviation safety, we encourage you to include such information in an ASRS report.

For more on the ASRS program, please see the FAA Safety Briefing magazine article here:

Thank you for helping to keep the skies safe!