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Flight Service Welcomes Aviation Weather Camera Program

The Aviation Weather Camera Program is increasingly popular in Alaska as a primary source for pilots to obtain preflight weather. The goal is to reduce weather-related aviation accidents and flight disruptions by making images available free to the public on the weather camera websites. The images allow pilots to see real-time weather between the point of departure and arrival at 230 locations throughout Alaska and 178 in Canada. The program recently moved to the FAA’s Flight Service. Since the program began in 2007, there has been a reduction in the number of weather-related aviation accidents in Alaska.

The weather cameras are considered advisory and the team is looking at ways to enhance the website to incorporate additional data and give a more comprehensive picture. The experimental enhanced website includes both official weather information such as Meteorological Aerodrome Reports (METARs) and Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs), and advisory weather information that comes from sensors installed at various locations in Alaska. Go to to view the camera network and see the new website. (Google Chrome browser preferred)