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Fwd: August 4, 2022 – Van’s RV-15 creates biggest buzz at AirVenture

Subject: August 4, 2022 – Van’s RV-15 creates biggest buzz at AirVenture

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August 4, 2022
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News of the day

In an indication of how much the aviation world is shifting, the arrival of the first Van’s Aircraft RV-15 at EAA AirVenture generated far more excitement and interest than any airplanes on display by traditional general aviation manufacturers. "The RV-15 is going to attract builders who never would have considered building a low-wing RV," said Doug Reeves, founder of a website dedicated to the Van’s Aircraft pilot and builder community. "I don’t think the company realizes how much its culture is about to change."

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Aviation Update

Textron is two years away from a first flight for its Nexus air taxi prototype with a renewed effort to develop the aircraft, which the company first unveiled in 2020. Textron’s Pipistrel unit will support development of Nexus, having successfully completed federal certification for its all-electric Velis Electro fixed-wing training aircraft.

Full Story: AIN Online

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The Husky hauls more and has impressive fuel economy. You, your passenger and gear, can fly 800 miles without refueling. A 2250# gross weight, the largest CG Envelope and un-obstructed baggage allows you to safely take that gear into your favorite strip for an extended stay. Paired with fast cruise speeds, there is no choice.
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Airport Focus

Port Bucyrus-Crawford County Airport in Bucyrus, Ohio, is nearing completion on a taxiway project, which will extend the pavement by 2,700 feet and install lighting, including a Precision Approach Path Indicator unit. The $2.1 million undertaking, funded by a Federal Aviation Administration grant, is expected to be finished by the end of the month.

Full Story: Crawford County Now (Ohio)

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Let the Adventures Begin
The Epic E1000 GX‘s superior short field and slow handling capabilities, rugged trailing link landing gear, and full reversing prop enable access to hundreds of destinations not accessible to most other high-performance aircraft. Take off and land fully loaded in Palo Alto and Lincoln Park. Take off from Aspen fully loaded on a hot 95 degree day. Your mission possibilities are endless.
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*Over 50′ obstacle at gross weight


NASA has given the University of Central Florida a five-year grant to study whether ammonia can power aircraft. The project will use simulation software to analyze the chemical reactions that occur as ammonia is burned for fuel.

Full Story: Simple Flying

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Pilot Spotlight

Erick Webb, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association’s social media marketer, shares his experience flying the 2023 AOPA Sweepstakes Cessna 170 from Atlanta to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis., making stops along the way in Tennessee and Illinois.

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Careers & Education

BAE Systems is recruiting 1,000 engineers to its workforce as the company pushes to complete a demonstrator of the Tempest fighter aircraft within five years. BAE, Rolls-Royce, Leonardo UK and MBDA UK are leading the development of Tempest.

Full Story: Aerospace Manufacturing (UK)

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Made with carbon fiber and priced like a sports car, the single-seat Saurenman Aero Works-designed Revo rolls at 400 degrees per second.

Full Story: AOPA Online

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AOPA Member Benefits

A packed and spirited audience heard AOPA President Mark Baker, fellow general aviation association executives and senior Federal Aviation Administration leaders report progress on the transition to unleaded fuel.

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