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Fwd: June 16, 2022 – Garmin marks 25K deliveries of integrated flight decks

Subject: June 16, 2022 – Garmin marks 25K deliveries of integrated flight decks

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June 16, 2022
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Since introducing its first avionics suite nearly two decades ago, Garmin has delivered over 25,000 integrated flight decks, which have been installed in a wide variety of aircraft ranging from helicopters and turboprops to business jets and military airplanes. Garmin was among the first avionics manufacturers to offer touch screens and a simplified icon-based interface, and the products have eased the process for pilots upgrading from one Garmin-equipped aircraft to another.

Full Story: AIN Online

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Aviation Update

A general aviation pilot who did not follow a Notice to Air Missions entered a restricted area near President Joe Biden's vacation home in Delaware, resulting in the evacuation of the president and the first lady by the Secret Service. "This most recent incident reinforces the necessity for GA pilots to always thoroughly check NOTAMs," said Jim McClay, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association director of airspace, air traffic and security. "This should be standard for every flight, whether it's a cross-country flight, or a 10-mile hop to a neighboring airport."

Full Story: AOPA Online

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When you have places to be — whether for business or for leisure — you need the freedom of flight to make it happen. When you become a Piper Aircraft owner, you can do just that, all while enjoying the luxury and convenience of personal aviation. Visit us online and request a demo to get started with Piper today.

Airport Focus

The Wings Over Indy airshow, a family-friendly event with food trucks, aviation education stations and Huey helicopter rides, will take place on June 18 at Indianapolis Executive Airport in Zionsville, Ind. Proceeds from the event will go to Down Syndrome Indiana, as well as the Commemorative Air Force, which provides the show's World War II-era airplanes.

Full Story: WTHR-TV (Indianapolis)

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The Lilium Jet air taxi will feature conventional landing gear and a short running landing capability, a design update that will provide flexibility. The landing will require approximately 500 feet of runway.

Full Story: eVTOL

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The Future Is Now
The state-of-the-art Tecnam P TwentyTen is the most advanced high-wing modern single-engine aircraft in the marketplace. Balanced controls. Unsurpassed stability. The P2010 is where performance and comfort meet.

Pilot Spotlight

Officers at the US Coast Guard Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Ala., gave 7-year-old Ethan Thomas an unforgettable day as an honorary pilot, complete with a personalized flight suit and the chance to turn on a search and rescue alarm. The visit was set up by a children's hospital, where Thomas has spent time over the years, when staffers found out how much he loves airplanes and helicopters.

Full Story: WPMI-TV (Mobile, Ala.)

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Careers & Education

Twenty high school students have been named to the US Navy Summer Flight Academy. The students will receive 49 hours of flight training in addition to classroom time, resulting in a private pilot certificate at the end of the program.

Full Story: AVweb

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When pilots respond inappropriately to unexpected situations, the Federal Aviation Administration calls this the "startle response." It can lead to aircraft upset and loss of control in flight.

Full Story: AOPA Online

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AOPA Member Benefits

The 2022 You Can Fly Challenge took off on June 1, providing donors the opportunity to enhance the future of aviation and have their gift matched by the Ray Foundation.

Full Story: AOPA Online

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