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Fwd: Take your Instrument flying to the next level…

For the next few days, we are offering $40-off our Advanced IFR online course.

This course follows instructor Ryan Koch through a series of IFR flights, where he demonstrates techniques and procedures that pros use for next level Instrument flying.

Course Details and Samples

Ryan explains, then demonstrates the following:

  • Tower Enroute Control (TEC) Routes
  • Diverse Vector Areas at Non-towered Airports
  • Custom Waypoints in a GPS Flight Plan (under IFR)
  • Graphical ODPs
  • Complex Textual ODPs
  • Departing No-IAP Airports
  • Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs)
  • Published Visual Climbs Over Airport (VCOA)
  • Best Practices For Negotiating With ATC
  • Vertical Navigation With GPS and Autopilot
  • Traps With Unpublished Descent Gradients
  • Standard Terminal Arrivals (STARs)
  • Cold Temperature Restrictions
  • Contact Approaches
  • Radius-to-fix (RF) Legs On Approaches
  • Hybrid GPS-Localizer Approaches
  • Circling Approach Survival Secrets
  • GPS Use On Localizer Back Courses
  • Localizer Directional Aids (The “other” ILS)
  • Taxi Hot Spots
  • And more…
Course Details and Samples

This program will give you a deeper understanding of the IFR system, and how to work it more effectively.
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Mark Robidoux,