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Fwd: The fuel cap was “present” during the preflight

Subject: The fuel cap was “present” during the preflight

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In case you missed the discussion, following are a few comments posted on the General Aviation News website this week. Care to join conversation?

Does my engine need an adjustable air shutter?

"I use aluminum tape on my RV because it’s easier to get off and doesn’t leave a sticky residue," says Larry Maynard. "Works great. Don’t really need to get your indicated temperature above 190 or so for reasons already mentioned." Read more…

Electric Archer in the works

"I bet pilots will still figure out how to find themselves in trouble with no battery charge left and no airport in range," says Sarah A. "We will probably never get rid of those sort of poor planning and bad decisions. Maybe at least the power remaining indicators will be more accurate then most of GA’s fuel gauges." Read more…

Missing fuel cap leads to missing fuel

"The fuel cap was “present” during the preflight," says Henry K. Cooper. "After the refueling, the student noticed the fuel tank was very full. Well, to see that, the student had to have removed the fuel cap, which later was discovered missing. Sounds to me like the student didn’t secure the fuel cap properly." Read more…


If You’re High On Final Approach, How Should You Correct?

You roll out on final, and you see 4 white lights on the PAPI. Your first time around the pattern, you were right on glide path. But this time, you’re way off. Why? Read more…

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