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Fwd: “VFR Communications” Manuals are here!

Subject: "VFR Communications" Manuals are here!

This week we are featuring our Pilot-Friendly VFR Communications Manual. You can order a spiral-bound printed manual for $49 and we’ll include free shipping (USA orders) and a digital copy too. Or, if you prefer you can buy just the digital (PDF) manual for $39 — it looks great on an iPad.

This simple manual teaches you exactly what to say in every kind of VFR flight situation, and includes advanced communication techniques and phraseology you are likely to hear in the real world.

Along with the manual, we’re including 53 short videos demonstrating how each VFR radio call is done properly.

See Details & Sample Pages

This manual is not just for student pilots, it includes useful tips for experienced pilots and is a great resource for CFIs.


Mark Robidoux,