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KSPA Runway Expansion Update

Construction team meeting notes of Thursday September 27th

Remaining work to be done.

  • Paving the initial lifts of asphalt on the taxiway extensions.
  • Paving the initial lift on the runway 23 extension end.
  • Finish paving the final layer of asphalt on 5,852 of runway.
  • Add runway makings.

With the project shift of construction on the 23 extension being completed earlier than planned, please note the following when we reopen:

  • There will be no displacements needed now or in the future, as the work on the 23 and 5 ends has been completed.
  • The runway will be paved from one end to the other at the same time, so the runway will not have a “cold joint” 650 feet into the landing area of 23.
  • The original GPS 5 and 23 will be available to use.
  • There will be a NOTAM on GPS Runway 23 in reference to the 650 feet extension, until the FAA publishes a new approach for 23.
  • New Airport lighting will be installed, with the possible exception on some taxiway lights at the intersections. However, they plan to install some temporary solar taxiway lighting if needed.

Once the runway is back open the construction team will be working on the items below without prohibiting the operations of the runway.

  • Finishing up the taxiway intersection to the new Runway 23 extension outside the RSA area.
  • Complete the retaining wall on the runway 5 end.
  • Cut grooves into the takeoff/landing area of the runway (This work will be done at night under a NOTAM).
  • Install the new ILS system with new LED PAPI’s.
  • Grading and seeding the disturbed areas.

Due to the remaining work to be completed, the City of Spartanburg will forego T-Hanger rent for the month of October 2018.  Our tenants with T-Hangers at the airport will be receiving a credit for the month of October 2018.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

I appreciate your patience.

Below are some photos taken on Tuesday, September 25th.

Terry Connorton

Airport Director

Spartanburg Memorial Airport

864-580-5004 office

864-525-3727 cell