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KSPA Runway Expansion Update

The runway was closed at 7.00 am on Monday June 18th

The recent excessive rain fall has badly hampered the progress with the runway construction schedule.  Work activity of the last week has been trying to manage the soil moisture levels by digging ditches and pumping out the water at certain points along the runway environment.

Week Seven activity progress (August 6th)

  • Working on remaining asphalted runway areas that need to be replaced.
  • An installation of a ‘geo-grid” mesh over replacement areas on remaining asphalted runway
  • Continuing to install the sub base of soil and rock for new runway integrity.
  • Installation of Electrical runway lighting, equipment being pre-built for installation
  • Finishing the undercut of the runway pavement.

As of the Bi-monthly construction coordination meeting on Thursday August 2rd, the goal is to still try and reopen on August 23rd.  Our next construction scheduled meeting will be this Thursday on August 9th.

The construction team will continue to work 7 days a week to try and meet the schedule requirements.

Below are some photos taken on Friday August 3rd at 10.30 am.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you

Terry Connorton

Airport Director

Spartanburg Memorial Airport

864-580-5004 office

864-525-3727 cell


RWY 5 End

RWY 23
New through road
RWY 23 ditches
Left RW5 A
RWY Center A
RWY 23 Right