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Triple Tree Aerodrome (SC00) Is Asking For Our Assistance

Our August membership meeting was held at Triple Tree Aerodrome.  At the meeting, our President Ed Vess, asked all members if they could donate at least an hour each month of their time to help at Triple Tree.  As some of you may know, The Spartanburg Pilot’s Association adopted the small island behind the lower bathhouse.  Pat Hartness informed us that the island is called Granny Island and the small lake surrounding it, Granny Lake. The island has a bridge to it and the island needs some tender care such as mowing and some planting.  SPA Members Bruce and Jody are often helping, but they could use some more assistance as well as Matt Crain, Triple Tree Maintenance.

Matt Crain is the maintenance manager at Triple Tree.  With the assistance of Pat Hartness, Pat Derrick, Uncle John and a few folks, they handle the 400 acre aviation establishment that we enjoy.  Matt asked that if you could or want to donate some time, Triple Tree will provide you with the mower, weed eater, and fuel to help out. If you are mechanical and want to help work on some of the mechanical equipment, they would love to have you as well. If you know someone who loves gardening, the patio flowers are always needing some attention – it is the focal point on the patio.
If you are interested in helping at any time, please contact Matt Crain at 864-630-0898. All he asks is that if you want to fly in, please call him and he will let you know if they are working on the runway and may ask you to land long or short, depending on the situation. If you drive in, call as well, and they will make sure the gate is open for you to enter.
Any help is greatly appreciated.  At the moment, all efforts are on keeping the grounds in tip top shape for the large scale fly in the week of Labor Day. There is always room to help at the large scale fly-in and you can sign up to volunteer on the Triple Tree website: