Runway expansion update

KSPA Runway Safety Area Improvements & 23 Extension Phase 3 Update

The runway was closed at 7.00 am on Monday June 18th

Week One Activity (June 18th thru June 25th)

Work in progress during the first week.

  • Grading of the Runway 5 approach end, which is considered to be the critical path of the project due to the amount of soil to be moved.
  • All electrical power to the MALSR and runway lighting has been disconnected. There is no Beacon lighting
  • Milling and grinding of the old asphalt has begun and trucks have been hauling it away.
  • The milling will be used to create improved roadways for the airport lighting systems that were difficult to access.
  • The installation of erosion control around the runway area.
  • A tree line has been cleared for a new thru road to be built. This will allow the construction vehicles to access Venture Blvd and Southport Road.
  • This new road will be asphalted for general use.
  • New retention walls are being built at both end of the runways.
  • Electrical conduit is being installed for the new Airport Lighting.

We have had hot & dry weather which has allowed a good start with this project.