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FAA Safety Team Upcoming Webinar: Know Your Aircraft

FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education

“FAA Safety Briefing LIVE! – January / February 2020 Issue”
Topic: This presentation introduces and discusses content in the January / February 2020 issue of the FAA Safety Briefing magazine.
On Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 19:00 Central Standard Time (17:00 PST, 18:00 MST, 20:00 EST, 15:00 HST, 16:00 AKST, 18:00 Arizona, 01:00 GMT)

Select Number: CE0398281


This presentation provides an introduction to the JanFeb 2020 issue of FAA Safety Briefing magazine. This issue focuses on how to better “Know Your Aircraft.” Feature articles covered each major section of an aircraft, highlighting the many design, performance and structural variations you’ll likely see and how they affect your flying. We also take a fresh look at understanding aircraft energy management.

Feature articles included:

No Surprises! Keeping Control of Avionics and Automation
The Beating Heart How Your Engine Works and How to ”Treat” It
The Arthropod’s Revenge How the Airplane’s Fuselage Has More in Common with Bugs Than Birds
L’Empennage A Guided Tour of Your Plane’s Tail Feathers
The Wing’s the Thing How Wing Design Affects Your Ride, and Preflighting for Safety
Give Me a Brake…and Maybe a Tire Too Understanding Your Undercarriage
On the Money Getting to Know Your Airplane as an Energy System

Regular departments:

Aeromedical Advisory discussed the new list of FAA-accepted medications.
Condition Inspection explores medical certification for those diagnosed with ADHD.
Jumpseat introduces the theme of this issue and the inclusion of energy management.
Angle of Attack discusses owner-performed preventive maintenance.
Checklist reviews PHAK chapters that support material in this issue.
Vertically Speaking discusses the importance of helicopter preflight inspections.
Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons addresses prevention of maintenance-related engine failures.
Drone Debrief discusses benefits of the Check3 GPS checklist.
FAA Faces introduced the new deputy federal air surgeon.

NOTE: While many of the ideas covered in the quiz are included in the presentation, you will need to download a copy of the magazine from: to complete this course

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The following credit(s) are available for the WINGS/AMT Programs:
Basic Knowledge 3 – 1 Credit
Advanced Knowledge 2 – 1 Credit
AMT: 1.00

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