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Fwd: “Garmin GTN: Next Level” Online Course — Save $30

Subject: "Garmin GTN: Next Level" Online Course — Save $30

This week, we are featuring our newest online course: Garmin GTN: Next Level.

This is a unique video training program for Garmin GTN 750 and 650 users that goes beyond the basics, providing a hands-on demonstration of features and functions you may not be aware of, but can make your life so much easier during a flight.

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Learn Power Tips and Best Practices, Including:

  • Flight Plan Construction (Airways Aren’t Always Best)
  • Use of Vectors-to-Final
  • Departure Alternate Inclusion
  • Safety with +V Approaches and Other Advisory Guidance
  • Early Preparation for Missed Approaches
  • Shortcuts for Course Reversals, Including Autopilot Use
  • Navigation with SIDs and STARs
  • VNAV or VCALC on Arrivals
  • Cross-checks of Loaded Procedures
  • Use of OBS Mode and User Waypoints on Departures
  • Advanced Ground Ops
  • Terrain Awareness at Night or in IMC
  • GTN Visual Approaches
  • Radius-to-Fix and Other Curved Approach Courses
  • Approach Downgrades and Other GPS Failure Modes


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This course is full of tips and tricks you’ll be glad to know; the ones that can help you unlock the full power and flexibility of your GTN. If you fly with a Garmin GTN (or plan to), hit the blue button above to check out the course details.


Mark Robidoux,

P.S. We are offering a $30 discount on this course for the next few days.