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Fwd: Honey, I shrunk the Mustang

Subject: Honey, I shrunk the Mustang

Free app could increase DPE availability by 20%

Picture of the Day: The beauty of the backcountry

Glenn Brasch, the man behind, typically spends a few weeks every year volunteering at the Recreational Aviation Foundation‘s Ryan Field (2MT1) in Montana. He sent in this photo with a note: "A beautiful Cessna 180 owned by Steve Thompson, seen in the trees at Ryan Field."

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Honey, I shrunk the Mustang

The P-51 Mustang has long been at the top of most pilot’s list of planes they’d like to own, but with an average price of well over $2 million, only a few can afford to live that dream. Enter the new ScaleWings SW-51 from Germany, a 70% Mustang replica that debuted in the U. S. in 2022.

Double the fun at KMVN

The KR National Gathering will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the pioneer homebuilt aircraft during the 2022 Midwest LSA Expo at Mt. Vernon Outland Airport in Illinois.

Free app could increase DPE availability by 20%

About one in five FAA practical tests fail to even start due to the applicant’s inadequate experience or endorsements. Using the free SAFE Toolkit app could eliminate this waste of time, according to officials.


Sheltair offers fuel discount to Pilots N Paws pilots

Registered volunteer pilots will be provided a digital card to present at the customer service desk to receive fuel discounts when flying rescue missions.

Familiarization flight ends in crash

The pilot’s misjudgment of the airplane’s speed and altitude during the landing approach, and his failure to attain the proper touchdown point during landing, which resulted in a runway overrun. Contributing to the accident were his access to a limited set of flight controls, his obstructed vision due to his seating position, and the pilot’s decision to return to the relatively constrained runway following a perceived anomaly of the airplane’s flaps.


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