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Fwd: The cross country that wouldn’t end

Subject: The cross country that wouldn’t end

Checkride ends before it begins

Picture of the Day: Happy engine, happy life

Gary Lanthrum submitted this photo and note: "On final to Ryan Field (2MT1) in Montana, you want your engine to be happy. There really aren’t any viable options if you can’t land on the airport’s grass runway."

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The cross country that wouldn’t end

Flying home from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh should have been simple. But weather forced this Skywagon pilot on the cross-country flight that seemed like it would never end.

Upscale Alaskan hangar expanded

The old hangar was revamped with the addition of two larger hangar bays, creating 14,000-square-feet of space. Another old wooden structure was demolished to make room for the new hangar additions.

Walt Disney’s Grumman finds a new home at Palm Springs Air Museum

The plane, which is on a long-term loan to the museum, will be part of a new exhibit that opens on Dec. 5, 2022, Walt Disney’s birthday, according to museum officials.


Unleaded avgas best practices released

FBOs need to be ready once unleaded avgas makes it to their airport.

Checkride ends before it begins

The engine went quiet for a moment, almost like it skipped a beat. Then within three to five seconds later it happened again.


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