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Announcing 2022 Fly-in Breakfast Club Schedule

View the full schedule here:

For those who have never been to an SCBC fly-in, everyone is welcome!
Attend once and you’re a lifetime member. There are no dues, and no by-laws; you can’t get kicked out. The Breakfast Club has been meeting “every other weekend” since 1938, except for a couple years during WWII and several cancelations during COVID.

Flying into Breakfast is a great way to stay current and in-practice, navigating across the state, and to get used to landings and take-offs at a wide range of general aviation airports, from South Carolina’s busiest, GMU, down to several grass strips.

In good weather, about 30-40 airplanes usually fly-in. A Breakfast is a great opportunity to see a wide variety of airplanes – tail-daggers, high-wings, low-wings, and the occasional biplane or warbird, and to meet fellow aviation enthusiasts of all ages. Fellowship and Safety are our bywords.

Most people arrive about 8:30-8:45am. Breakfast is served about 9:00-9:15am. The meeting is over by 10:30-11:00am.

The meeting starts after breakfast. Following any news or announcements, three SCBC caps are given away: a navy-blue SCBC cap for the man who has flown the furthest, a pink SCBC cap for the woman who has flown the furthest, and a sky-blue SCBC cap for the youngest pilot in attendance.

You can also buy SCBC caps for $13 each, as well as SCBC patches and pins. Free 75th SCBC anniversary stickers and a few 80th SCBC anniversary magnets are still available.

The person who makes the worst landing gets to sign the ball. If nobody made a bad landing, we’ll find an excuse for someone to sign it. “It’s all done in fun!”

See you there, and please feel free to pass this invite to anyone who might be interested.

— Scott Crosby
Vice President, South Carolina Breakfast Club