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Fwd: Ask Paul: Why has my oil consumption increased?

Aviation radio sim adds PFD

Picture of the Day: Yard parking

Daniel Smith submitted this photo and note: "Overnight parking in the yard at Boonville Airport (26NC) in North Carolina for this 1940 Piper J-5A."

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Ask Paul: Why has my oil consumption increased?

When breaking in, the best I’ve ever achieved was maybe 11 or 12 hours on a quart of oil. Now I'm down to a quart every three hours. The oil gets black fast.

Drones may replace scarecrows

In the future of farming, cameras could spot birds feeding on crops and launch drones to drive off the birds, then return to watch for the next invading flock. All without a human nearby.

Lone Star Flight Museum to host 2023 FlightSimExpo

The Flight Simulation Association will hold its 2023 FlightSimExpo June 23-25, 2023, at the Lone Star Flight Museum at Ellington Airport (KEFD) near Houston, Texas.


Aviation radio sim adds PFD

The update delivers a digital PFD where pilots can view and process information about aircraft attitude, navigation, and radios to the AI-based simulator for aviation communications and radio procedures training.

Failure to remove seat belt flight control lock proves fatal for RV-8 pilot

The pilot's failure to remove the seat belt used as a flight control lock from the aft cockpit control stick before takeoff, which resulted in a loss of control during takeoff and collision with terrain.


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