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Fwd: At SUN ‘n FUN or SnF adjacent

Subject: At SUN ‘n FUN or SnF adjacent

Paper airplane sets world record

Picture of the Day: Gear down, flaps down

Robert Remedi submitted this photo and note: "A 1983 Cessna 152 Young Eagles flight at Lewis University Airport in Romeoville, Illinois. Photo by my son, Robert A Remedi."

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At SUN ‘n FUN or SnF adjacent

Aero-nuts across the land are looking to central Florida for their first big outing of the year. It’s all about SUN ‘n FUN for the next couple weeks. Getting there, reveling in the wonder of it all, and getting home again. It’s a process — one that requires a bit of planning and patience and perhaps a touch of persistence.

Paper airplane sets world record

A pair of Boeing engineers have shattered the world record by flying their paper airplane nearly the length of a football field.

Volunteers paint CAF Airbase Georgia Corsair

Recently featured in the movie “Devotion,” the FG-1D Corsair was carefully stripped to bare metal and repainted to return it to like-new condition, according to CAF officials.


New flight school opens at O38

A new flight school, TruFlight Academy, which specializes in helicopter flight training, has opened at Gundy’s Airport (O38) in Owasso, Oklahoma.

Pilot ‘negated all proper safety protocols’

This resulted in both aircraft facing head-on on the departure end of 30. We had to take an evasive maneuver action to avoid the aircraft on final.


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