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Fwd: July 7, 2022 – Daher TBM 960 airplanes delivered in US after FAA nod

Subject: July 7, 2022 – Daher TBM 960 airplanes delivered in US after FAA nod

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July 7, 2022
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News of the day

Daher delivered TBM 960 aircraft to its first two customers in the US, with shipments sent to Avex at Camarillo Airport in California and Elliott Jets in Minneapolis, where they will be given to their owners. The TBM 960, which features a dual-channel digital engine and propeller electronic control system, earned Federal Aviation Administration certification last month.

Full Story: AIN Online

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Aviation Update

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association presented Archie League Medal of Safety Awards and President's Awards to members who took extraordinary measures to assist pilots in emergency situations during the last two years. Among the recipients was Joe Wright, who helped save the life of a general aviation pilot who lost his gyroscope in the midst of challenging weather conditions near Houston's William P. Hobby Airport.

Full Story: AOPA Online

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Airport Focus

Madras Municipal Airport in Oregon will restore the original windows on a World War II hangar to help weatherproof the building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The project, which is part of a larger preservation effort, will be funded by a grant from Oregon Heritage.

Full Story: The Madras Pioneer (Ore.)

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Technology being developed by Raytheon Intelligence & Space is designed to help the Federal Aviation Administration manage airspace amid the influx of drones. The cloud-based system enables operations beyond visual line-of-sight.

Full Story: The National Interest

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Pilot Spotlight

On one of pilot Dan Silvers' recent volunteer missions for Lighthawk, a nonprofit focused on conservation and environmental research, he helped University of Maine scientists track the golden-winged warbler, a bird that is close to becoming an endangered species. Silvers flew his Cessna 182 airplane slowly over the area in Wisconsin where 35 birds had been tagged the previous year, and a VHF receiver antenna picked up a signal to locate any of the warblers still in the area.

Full Story: General Aviation News

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Careers & Education

GE Aviation Wales is supporting employees who want to compete in WorldSkills' Manufacturing Team Challenge, a competition that "allows the apprentices who enter to focus on developing their abilities in several skillsets including aircraft maintenance, welding and mechanical engineering; skills they bring right back into the workplace," according to Nick Blakeney, managing director.

Full Story: Aerospace Manufacturing (UK)

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The Aircraft Electronics Association is collaborating with NextOp, a nonprofit that seeks to combat employment challenges facing veterans and military members.

Full Story: AOPA Online

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The used turbine market is extremely tight right now, prompting many buyers to give older jets a second look. Be aware that lenders may not be as willing to write a note for an older jet as they are for a piston of the same vintage.

Full Story: AOPA Online

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