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Fwd: Learning never stops for a good pilot

Subject: Learning never stops for a good pilot

Have dinner in Amelia Earhart’s dining room

Picture of the Day: Young Eagles take flight

Fred Burnet submitted this photo and note: "This was taken during one of our EAA Chapter 1606 Young Eagles rallies in the Monticello, Utah, area."

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Learning never stops for a good pilot

Professional pilots are required to go back for training regularly, at least once or twice a year. Can the rest of us afford to do any less?

New visibility tool in the works for FAA weather camera program

The new Visibility Estimation through Image Analytics (VEIA) algorithm uses existing FAA weather cameras to provide visibility estimates based on an automated comparison of current conditions to clear day images. This provides pilots with an easy-to-use online planning tool incorporating real-time visual information to mitigate the effects of weather, according to FAA officials.

Have dinner in Amelia Earhart’s dining room

It’s a different kind of fundraiser: The Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum in Atchison, Kansas, is offering the public a chance to have cocktails or dinner in Amelia’s family dining room.


Aircraft manufacturer releases two books to get more people interested in flying

ICON Aircraft has released two books — "40 Hours" and "ICONIC Destinations."

Wrong fuel tank cap leads to accident

A total loss of engine power due to a blocked fuel tank cap vent hole, which resulted in fuel starvation. Contributing to the accident was the mechanic’s and the pilot’s inadequate inspections of the fuel tank cap.


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