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Fwd: Rockin’ on the Runway

Subject: Rockin’ on the Runway

Cancer survivors take to the skies over Montana

Picture of the Day: Flying over Texas thunderstorms

Justin Urry submitted this photo and note: "Flying a King Air 200 over central Texas heading back to the west coast and just happened to fly over thunderstorms at FL260 as the sun was setting."

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Rockin’ on the Runway

Talk about a win-win: Rockin’ on the Runway combines the fun and excitement of an air show with a very good cause: Raising raise funds for children and young adults with developmental disabilities who live at St. Mary’s Residential Training School in Boyce, Louisiana.

Cancer survivors take to the skies over Montana

Summit Aviation’s annual Cancer Survivor Flight Camp returns for its ninth year, taking off July 17, 2023, and lasting throughout the week. For five days, four campers will get to fly — and fly — a Diamond.

Common flight board for volunteer pilots in the works

Being a volunteer pilot is great, but sometimes it’s a hassle to see what flights are available — which means some flights don’t happen. To take care of this problem, the Air Care Alliance needs help to create a Common Flight Board that shows opportunities across the nation.


ASA offers free eBook with print FAR-AMT

"ASA’s FAR-AMT books are the standard regulatory reference for the industry," company officials said, noting the reference book includes the "consolidated FAA regulations and procedures pertinent to aviation mechanics, maintenance operations, and repair shops."

Veteran pilot dies in crash after failing to remove flight control lock

The pilot’s failure to remove the flight control lock before departure, which resulted in a loss of airplane control and impact with terrain. Contributing to the accident was his failure to perform an adequate preflight inspection and flight control check before takeoff.


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